Milford Pennsylvania Famous Residents

Gifford Pichot; Conservationist

Milford Pennsylvania is known as the birthplace of conservationism. One of our most famous residents was Gifford Pinchot. He was the 28th governor of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Republican Party for most of his life and if you look around at Milford Pennsylvania today we still see a highly predominant number of Republicans living in the area. Gifford Pinchot is known for his conservation efforts. His main contribution was his leadership in putting forth the idea of controlling forestry and other natural resources for the benefit of mankind. He also showed how doing so could turn a profit. Conservationism and profit taking – a model for the ages.

Mr. Pinchot family made their money in importing French wallpaper during the late Victorian era. Mr. Pinchot's father who had a great love of the wild suggested to his son that he get involved in forestry. In 1885 off he went. He then studied at the French national school of forestry in Nancy for year and returned home intent on creating a national forest policy. Together with his father they turned Grey Towers in Milford Pennsylvania into the birthplace of the American forestry movement. Grey Towers still stands to this day as a modern-day reminder of what can be accomplished when good ideas, sums of money, capitalizing on a change in the tide of thinking all come together. Grey Towers is open to the public and tours are still given of the home and of the grounds.

Vanessa Carlton Singer, Songwriter

Milford Pennsylvania is also the birthplace of singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton. Ms. Carlton was born August 16, 1980 and her interest in music started at the age of two. Her mother is a school music teacher and a pianist. Some of Vanessa Carlton songs include "A Thousand Miles "which reached number five on the Billboard hot 100 in 2002 and her debut album Be Not Nobody received platinum certification. Her following albums Harmonium and Heroes and Thieves in 2007 did not reach the pinnacle as her first album but she continues to be an impressive artist and impressive singer. Milford Pennsylvania is proud to call her one of their own

Sean Strub; Activist, Mayor, Owner Of Hotel Fauchere

Sean Strub is an activist, a writer and director of the Sero-Project which is a national network of people combating the stigma and injustices associated with carrying HIV. Mr. Strub who is a long-term AIDS survivor if has been an advocate for people with HIV/AIDS. He has been at the forefront of ensuring that people with HIV and AIDS are given the dignity and respect that they deserve. He is also politically active - in 1990 he ran for the House of Representatives to represent New York's 22nd congressional district. As such he was the first openly gay and HIV-positive candidate for federal office in the US and he almost won. He's also an accomplished mass-marketer for the LGBT equality movement. As mayor of Milford Pennsylvania he has heavily promoted the revitalization of the town doing his best to keep it modern yet true to its historic roots. As an aside he was one of the first people on scene after John Lennon was shot.
Mr. Strub currently owns Hotel Fauchere as well as several other properties in Milford Pennsylvania. This is a boutique hotel that was originally purchased by Louis Fauchere in 1867. Mr. Strub is credited with bringing the hotel back to its former glory and adding to the historic ambiance of Milford. Interestingly enough Mr. Fauchere was originally credited with creating the dish Lobster Newberg.

So these are just a few of many famous people that have lived, live or call Milford their home. There are many more and there are many historic landmarks that are worth coming to see. We will list those in the next blog on Milford Pennsylvania.

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