Deck Builder Pike County Pennsylvania

A deck in Pike County Pennsylvania allows you to enjoy the great outdoors. Bill Bertsch construction can build you a deck that will enhance the look of your home. This will be an area where you have your coffee in the morning, the family gathers, barbecues are held, where you can relax and watch the beautiful night sky, or sit and read a book and enjoy your day.

We are a master craftsman when it comes to deck building. No matter how simple an idea or ornate and involved the vision of your deck is, we can help you make it a reality. We can build one that attaches to your home, around the pool or a ground deck to create a patio-type structure.

Every decking project starts with a proper foundation. This will prevent it from sinking or swaying or becoming unstable over time. We build everything to code or better to ensure that it will last a lifetime. With the advent of new types of construction materials, your decking can be little to no maintenance giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors here in Pike County.

Materials that you can build with include Pressure Treated wood, Cedar, Redwood, many different types of composites, Tropical Hardwoods.  and Aluminum. Your choices are endless.

Here is a great resource when it comes to decking ideas and construction options. This talks about Fiberon material which is a composite and it has some great design tips.

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