Custom Garages Built by Bill Bertsch Construction

New garage to compliment the home by Bill Bertsch Construction

Custom Garage Builders in Pike County Pennsylvania

A Garage in Pike County Pennsylvania is not only a luxury-its a necessity. Garages are a place to put your tools, your vehicles, a drive-in entrance on a cold wintry night or a cool place to park the car on a hot sunny day. You need a garage. We can build you your dream garage. These buildings are not what they once were- we can build a man(or woman) cave, a place to put your stuff that the significant other doesn't want in the house, a place for the kids to practice their music(especially if they are in a band), a woodworking shop, a storage area-what do you need? Bill Bertsch Construction can build it.

With Bill Bertsch Construction we can help you plan and build the new garage for your home. This would take into account things like the size of your lot, the planned size of the garage,  the shape and look of the garage and how it will compliment your existing structure, what are its ends use, plus you have SO many window and door options. Also, will you have custom cabinets? Custom flooring? How will it be heated? Will you have a loft space? Running water? You have a lot of different options when it comes to building a custom made garage for your home.

We can also help you remodel the garage that you have already.  Your current garage may is not set up in the way that you need to fully serve your requirements. This is where customization comes in. Nothing can be more stressful than trying to find things that you need in a cluttered area that has items stacked one upon the other. We can create a space that is organized, clean, and bright. If you can dream it we can build it. That's what we do! That's what we are known for! That's what our reputation is built upon.



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