Best Home Remodeling Contractor in Pike County Pennsylvania

Hiring a  home remodeling contractor can rejuvenate your home and bring out the qualities that may be lost in time. Things change. Home styles change; your style changes. Don’t buy a new home-remodel. We can remake your home into what you want and desire it to be. Certain things just don’t work? We can fix it. We are specialists when it comes to custom designs and specialty fixes that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Want a basement that your kids can play in all day long and you never have to see the clutter. Need a room where you can hear a pin drop so that you can meditate? Need a scrapbook room or an artist hideaway where you can place all your supplies and cut and paint and write to your arts content? Remodel.

Home remodeling is the art of taking existing space and creating a new space that meets your current needs that the old room or area did not satisfy. The beauty of doing this over adding an area to your home is the price.  In many cases walls can be taken or installed, new trim, windows, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, you name it can be changed to meet your current needs. In most cases, this can be done at a much lower rate than adding an area to the existing structure. The reason being is that you don’t have to add a foundation, new piping, a new roof, and a lot of other things that go into a home addition. You just take the existing space and mold it to fit your needs. Bill Bertsch Construction is the best Home Remodeling Contractor in the area-why use anyone else? He will make your home simply stated-Beautiful.


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