Siding can create the look of your home. We can use vinyl siding, brick, stone, glass, metal, whatever you desire we can create a beautiful finish for your home that you will be proud.

The Vinyl Siding Institute can provide you with a wide range of choices in vinyl siding that is affordable yet will stand the test of time. In many cases, it is difficult to tell vinyl siding from wood or stone. And one of the major benefits is that it is almost totally maintenance free.

When it comes to siding your home it really comes down to the amount of maintenance you’re willing to invest. Wood siding can be beautiful but typically requires a decent amount of maintenance every several years to keep it in good repair. Brick and stone when done properly can last forever with little maintenance. Inevitably you will need to touch up some joints and areas near the upper parts of the home as that gets the most weathering. Vinyl siding as we mentioned earlier has a lot of benefits because it can look almost like any other material yet is pretty much maintenance proof except for cleaning it on a regular basis. You are only limited by your imagination and at Bill Bertsch Construction we can help guide you to the home siding that makes the most sense for your home and budget.

Types of Home Siding to Consider

So the choice really depends on your taste and your budget. Stone or brick is usually at the upper part of the spectrum as far as an investment. Then comes wood siding like cedar or other wood shingle options, and then comes vinyl siding. It is our suggestion that you look into the pluses and minuses of each material. We can offer you information on all the various types of siding that you can place on your home but the final project has to be one that you are happy with and that you will enjoy seeing when you come home. Sometimes the initial price is offset by the durability of the material. Also, something to consider in this area is the level of fireproofing it offers. Being in the midst of vast woodlands fire danger is not common but something to think about when it comes to designing or upgrading a home you want to last for you but also for your children and maybe even their children.

At Bill Bertsch Construction we can walk you through the process of choosing an exterior siding option that will complement the overall design of your home, your property and make sure that it is a thing of beauty.

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